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Various treatments for men and women in a professional environment.
Lenmed Hospital, Room 204
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Microblading is a semi-permanent makeup procedure whereby we create hair-like incision strokes along the eyebrow to enhance, reshape and create a natural looking appearance on the brows. This is also a highly recommended treatment for people who suffer from Alopecia on the brows (hair loss).

Microblading pigments are not implanted deep into the dermis such as traditional tattoos, but rather superficially into the skin. Therefore the microbladed area will naturally fade overtime due to the skin’s natural exfoliation process. Microblading can last between 1-3 years, depending on the patients skin type, such as oily, combination, dry or mature, as well as how well the person looks after the microblading once it has healed, such as not having chemical peels done over the brows or using aggressive scrubs over the brows.

The procedure begins with an anesthetic cream to numb the area for a duration of 20 minutes, thereafter the brows will be measured and shaped to form the new brow. Once this is complete the procedure will begin, altogether this takes 2 hours.






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Did you know, at Kimberley Laser Clinic, we do more than just laser.

We have a client care attitude and always have our clients leaving satisfied and coming back, even if it is just to say hello.

We have prices on single sessions and also a package plan, where you receive 4+1 free on laser hair removal. We generally work on 5 sessions for hair to be removed completely, but as each client is unique and their hair growth even more so, this may vary, some clients may need fewer sessions booked, some may require more.

We also do CO2 fractional laser facials that have skin tightening and skin rejuvenation features, where we can also address pigmentation, scarring, stretch marks and skin tags on all areas of the skin.

We also have a wonderful treatment called the Monalisa Touch, this is for any women who struggles with any urinary disfunction and painful symptoms during intercourse. This is great for young mothers or women entering menopause.

With most treatments, excluding laser hair removal, we generally book a free consultation with one of our highly skilled doctors, where they evaluate the area that needs treating and then gives the best solution posible that would be effective and price savvy to suite each clients needs and budget.

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So many new clients are asking, what makes our laser hair removal any different from our competitors?

The answer is quite simple.

It's in our technology, the MOVEO HANDPIECE.

Let's explain.

AX works at 755nm, this is the best wavelength for removing fine or light hair. Diode or other lasers work at 805 to 855nm, IPL uses 550 to 650nm. IPL is not even a laser, it is Intense Pulse Light.

All of these wavelengths are not effective at removing hair, as it does not reach the follicle or hair bulb, which is where hair originates from. They simply damage the hair, causing it to grow slower, giving the illusion that the treatment is doing as promised, but in return, a client would need regular upkeep.

Apart from wavelength, the power of the machine is just as important.

When lasering you need peak power, combined with the right wave length to have a good result.

When using peak power it can be painful, but with our technology, the moveo handpiece, the cooling system makes the treatment completely painless.

The moveo handpiece has special technology, that draws water to the sapphire tip, bringing the temperature down to 15 degrees celcius, we also use a gel to keep the area cool, this ensures a no pain promise during each session.

The moveo handpiece has special technology, that draws water to the sapphire tip, bringing the temperature down to 15 degrees Celsius, we also use a cooling gel to keep the area cool, this ensures a no pain promise during each session.

To sum it all up, why is DEKA any different ?

Deka Laser Hair Removal is EFFECTIVE, FAST, SIMPLE AND SAFE.



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